10 good habits that make you and your home happy

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Good habits for improving one’s life are often talked about: good eating habits, good working habits and good sports habits to keep fit and healthy.

But if we think that every day of our life begins and ends in our home, here it becomes clear how important are all those good habits that make our home a comfortable environment, where we can feel really happy.
Learning to take care of your home through small good daily habits means managing the space in which we live in the most congenial way for us and our family. This means having more time for ourselves and to do all those things that we like so much and that often because of the “I have no time” we find ourselves neglecting.

An organized and clean house is not only more beautiful to live in but undoubtedly also leads us to have a better balance and make room for the little pleasures of life.
In my opinion, organizing the house does not mean recreating an aseptic environment where each object is placed in a surgical way, but finding functional, creative and beautiful solutions. This is the real secret, which makes home life easier and more enjoyable for the whole family.

Without wanting to overdo it is a matter of putting in place small good habits to create around us a healthy environment that supports us and supports us in everything we want or would like to do.

So try these 10 suggestions to organize your home:

  1. Make your bed when you wake up in the morning
    Pull back the blankets, don’t rush them to the bottom of the bed, and let them get some air. This simple operation will guarantee you hours of quiet and serene sleep, with no bare feet. Leaving your bedroom tidy before you leave the house will make you start your day with the quietest mind and make you more productive!
  2. Let the room air out
    After 8 hours spent in a room, opening the windows and letting in fresh air is one of those good daily habits that make the environment in which we live healthier. It only takes 5 or 10 minutes to let out the spoiled air and avoid the formation of annoying mold due to excessive humidity and introduce new energy into the room.
  3. Do not look at your mobile phone when it wakes up.
    I know, it’s not so easy, especially since often the mobile phone also acts as an alarm clock. But “diving” early in the morning into the world of email and social media can be more stressful than you can imagine. If you find it really difficult, but would like to try to start your days with a little less anxiety try to go back to the usual old alarm clock.
  4. Don’t leave the coffee cup in the sink
    Are you having breakfast at home? I couldn’t leave the house without having taken at least a generous dose of caffeine… for my own good but also for the good of others. The cup placed in the dishwasher or washed is a tiny gesture among the good habits that you can adopt for your home that is also very good for you, it takes less than 30 seconds.
  5. Dry faucets and sink well
    Every time you use them, whether in the bathroom or in the kitchen, dry the faucet and sink well with a cloth. It may seem like an unnecessary hassle, but I think that a sink with no limescale stains on it is a joy for the eyes, and especially this quick routine will come in handy during the weekly cleaning of the house making it much easier and faster. Try it to believe!
  6. Fixing the sofa cushions
    I just can’t get out of the house anymore without having fixed the sofa: I just have to put the pillows in place and put away the inevitable cover. I do it because I like to leave the house in place, both when I leave and when I am at home. You want to put the good feeling of crossing the threshold of the house and come across the view of a sofa perfectly in place rather than unmade … there is no comparison!
  7. Don’t use shoes at home
    Taking off your shoes before entering the house is one of those good habits of Japanese tradition that millions of people have decided to adopt mainly for comfort and health. In fact, our shoes capture every day thousands of bacteria and microorganisms that can cause potential diseases. Not to mention that from an emotional point of view, taking off your freshly hatched shoes after work means leaving professional issues out of the door and starting to devote yourself to yourself.
  8. Practicing sport
    There’s no doubt that it’s good for the body now, but in my opinion, the best thing is for the sport to do even more good for the head. It’s a time when we can have fun and let off steam. No competition with anyone, but rather a healthy competition with ourselves to try to improve ourselves all the time.
  9. Drink more water
    Experts say you should drink at least two liters of water a day. We are made for 70% of water and this says a lot about how important this element is for our well-being. Drinking water allows us to eliminate toxins, keep our skin hydrated and stimulate our metabolism. If it seems difficult for you, try starting in the morning with a couple of glasses during breakfast.
  10. Buy fresh flowers for your apartment
    Once a week, remember to buy fresh flowers for your home, maybe on your way home from work. A small gesture to make your home even more welcoming and if you want a small gift for yourself. Even better if someone is thinking about it for you!

As you can see, it’s not just a matter of tidying up the house, but of adopting good habits to give shape day after day to a lifestyle that is good for us and our home.