8 tips for a healthy life

Do you want to change your life you want for yourself and your family a healthy life? Start a healthy life is within your reach and you can do it immediately, right now, just follow these 8 tips from top experts and life coach. Because even if a healthy life, a new way of life, you conquer slowly and in the long term, there are 8 things that you can do immediately and that will be the foundation of your new life from now on. Who are we waiting for? Here is a practical checklist to get started.

1. To start a healthy life, you first of all, the point of (your) situation

That said in simple words, it means:

  • take appointment with the doctor.
  • Measure the circumference, height, weight and check your body mass index (IBM): theIBM standard is a standard, but is also a handy map to the litmus paper test of our state of health – if the parameters are too off, it is obvious that our health is at risk.
  • You are an active and dynamic? Are you sure? I, for example, I felt to the place because, with aerobics twice a week, more sports to do so… and instead, in a year I put on 6 pounds. And when I went to university and I was a 20 km walk per day, I was much leaner – so it’s aerobic! In short, do an assessment merciless to your lifestyle, and check whether do enough physical activity.
  • Keep a food diary, not for dieting but only for annotarci what you eat (and how much of it you eat) in the course of the day. You will get a glimpse at the eloquent of your style of food – starting from here, if you need you can figure out how to improve. But you have to be honest, if you want to be aware!
  • How are you? Sincere question. Because a healthy life implies to be comfortable with himself and with others. Begin to ask yourself: sleep well and long enough? The mood that trend? How strong are your friendships? Do you feel loved? “People have a fundamental need for positive relationships and long-lasting,” says NathanDeWall, professor of psychology at the University of Kentucky. Our wellness is founded on the tranquillity of the soul!

Well. You made the first step towards a healthy life and you now have a fairly accurate of your physical and mental wellbeing. The next step?

2. Any waiver of small

This step is preliminary to a healthy life. Dedicated especially to smokers and those suffering from chronic disorders.

No more excuses: it’s time to

  • stop smoking;
  • begin to care. The chronic ailments tend to get worse if we don’t care. The quality of life can really be affected – as in the case of diabetes. It serves nothing to pretend of nothing: how to say the grandmothers, “all the knots come to the comb”.

3. For a healthy life, move more

“Shake your bon bon”, dancing, walks, just do what best suits you – but for heaven’s sake, make physical activity! A healthy life is a life that is active and dynamic, there is no history.

Of the rest, the good intentions are many and do not know of anyone that does not have at least an annual subscription to the gym never used it. How to make to make physical activity a routine in our new life healthy?

  • Fun: it is not necessary to go to the gym or follow tot courses pilates-gag-etc etc. To stay healthy, for a healthy life, you can choose to do whatever you like – walk with friends, go out in the mountains, dancing… as long as you like. And how can you be certain of it enough?
  • Noted in the book with a big X every day you do physical activity. Make sure that the X’s are many, frequent, fairly close (at least twice a week) and a beautiful GREAT – better a reminder of the visual impact: psychologically it has an effect more… convincing, on our laziness and also motivates a lot. Tried!
  • The life coach teach that the important thing is to have confidence in themselves. Nietzche, however, says that, if you do not do what you repurpose of do, your self confidence must be shattered. Therefore, how to do not to get discouraged when you miss one of the big X that we have marked in the book?
  • The secret is to give yourself weekly goals, not daily.
  • Establish yourself a tot of X per week – so if you miss a day, you can recover the next. Without being discouraged, and indeed reaching its objectives. That, you know, is a balm for our self-esteem, and good humor.
  • P.S. objectives exercise may be minimal at the beginning, but then you have to “raise the bar” and offer you objectives a little bit more challenging – but always within your reach!
  • At the end of the week, rewarded for having reached your goals. That I know, treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers, something visual that you can continue to look in the next days. Remember your success!
  • Use your body whenever you can. 10% of something is better than 100% of nothing – so, if in your day you can get 10 minutes, use them for a walk and take the stairs, not the elevator. It is always worthwhile. 10 % …

4. To start a healthy life, the next step is to upgrade your diet

Dr. Williams, a famous life coach and nutritionist, the food that gives to his patients is not to avoid certain foods and consume others, but to work on the awareness and the will. Philosophy? In a certain sense.

  • Replace “shoulds” with “I choose”. So, instead of feeling as almost a punishment when you think that you shouldn’t eat the brioche, but instead, you should eat the fruit – you will feel great in saying to yourself: “I choose to eat the fruit”. Try it to believe it: the words are important, making the difference: say “I choose” is a powerful language that enhances self-esteem and motivation. And keeps them at a distance with the guilt.
  • Avoid guilt. Precisely, this is the most important thing when you work on your own power. They know well the emotional eaters – think of comfort-food: if fashion mistakes and you feel guilty, you will try to console you… and how you’ll do it? With the surrender to a cookie, then to a tea with biscuits, then… etc.
  • Plan what you eat. To help you begin with shopping in a smart way: in your cart, only the food is healthy, nutritious, useful, and alone healthy. Better to be shiny at the supermarket and then relax at home, no junk food in the pantry to tempt you…
  • Slow down, savor what you eat. This is a tip from the professionals: to love good food is not a behavior wrong, or harmful. Indeed! The problem is when you eat without thinking. Therefore, do not eat while watching TV or you’re at work – but focused on the food when you eat.
  • You just can’t do other than sip on something while you are trying to concentrate? Then drink hot tea and put it on the desk grapes or tangerines.
  • Eat 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, and make sure you eat many different colors. It is a simple rule: if you eat only fruit and vegetable green, not getting the nutrients that you provide the plant with yellow or orange or plum… If you instead take vegetables of all the colors, you’re probably taking in all the nutrients you need.

5. Learn to manage stress, if you want a healthy life

Stress is an integral part of our life, but life becomes healthier when you learn to manage stress. How? There are var-systems – that you can put into practice immediately, from today:

  • Routine is fantastic. Maintaining a routine the positive – is made of positive behaviors, positive thoughts, meditation, physical activity – helps us to control the state of stress and to maintain control, without being overwhelmed by anxiety.
  • Not to metabolize the stress. Williams explains to us that if anxiety, or anger, or too much, fatigue, or any of the other feel negative – perhaps after a business meeting or a heated confrontation with the colleague – do you feel, you have to get them out to us. How? Take a ride, take the stairs up and down until you can’t feel let off some steam; or take a shower and take a breath.
  • Looking for the right perspective. This assignment, if you are stressed, you are tense, you are angry… But ask yourself this: “This thing will be important for me to here in a year?”. If the answer is no because you’re so entangled?
  • Do volunteer work. It seems a truism, but to learn to take ourselves less seriously sometimes you just have to help others in their problems. As there appear to be significant, then, our dilemmas?
  • Keep a gratitude journal, in which you can write down all the positive things, the meetings, the happy, the kindness and the lucky cases that you have had in the day. Besides that a mountain of positive things that otherwise you risk not to see at all, a diary so it could help us to understand how little, of what happens to us, it totally depends on our control…
  • And finally breathes. The breath can do so much against the stress and the access of nervousness. Try this exercise: count how many breaths do in a minute, then halves the number of breaths in the next minute, then halves yet in the next minute.

6. Sleep well – in fact, you sleep better.

For a healthy life, have a good night’s sleep is a priority. Then, the sixth step if today you want to begin a healthy life is to work on your sleep by following this checklist:

  • No TV or PC in the two hours before going to sleep. Not so much because computers and television are challenging – because the light of the monitor. That continues to disturb our sleep, even when they are turned off.
  • Stretching before going to bed? Why not. But train hard and then hope to fall asleep is a contradiction. Intense physical activity raises the temperature of our bodies, which then makes it very difficult to fall asleep. Nothing workout before going to sleep.
  • Take a hot shower before going to sleep. Even if this will raise the temperature of your body, when you leave the bath will subside quickly and this, in combination with the sense of general relaxation, the cohabitation to fall asleep.
  • The sleep-wake rhythm needs regularity. Those who suffer from insomnia will soon discover that force yourself to get up at the same time in the morning, progressively facilitates the falling asleep in the evening and the recovery of a good night’s sleep.
  • The sleep does not recover – not even sleeping in at the weekend to 11 – which in fact destabilizes the sleep-wake rhythm, complicating things to the person who has sleep disorders.
  • Do not ignore sleep disorders, if they are becoming chronic. If the problems persist for months, see a specialist. Even if our society denigrates the sleep, almost as if it were a parenthesis that happen and that you can file down as much as possible – sleep is an essential condition of our life and must go protected.

7. Enhances and multiplies your friendships

A healthy life is based on good health, good sleep, good diet, good physical activity – but not only! A life full of happy relationships is a healthy way of life. How to make a better and happier our network of sincere friends?

  • Looking for people like you. You do not need the details of our lives fit together as a whole – the important thing is that there is a similar degree of open-mindedness, a similar way of understanding friendship, being together, the physical contact… well, the similarities profound.
  • Pass the time with others. There is so much emphasis in our culture on the importance of being independent. Instead, satisfying relationships need closeness and time spent together.
  • Virtual relationships yes – but, above all, face-to-face! There is nothing wrong in cultivating the friendship. But friendships will deplete if the virtual one is the dominant or only mode of interaction. Soon as possible, because things work in the long term, we need to see each other, stay together, have experienced together.
  • If a very close relationship becomes painful, you must ask for help. Do not do as if nothing happened. When we feel rejected by someone very intimate, our body feels it as physical pain. For this reason, when the company of a friend gives us pain… alert.

8. The last step for a healthy life immediately: change your mind

Just a little thing from nothing, in short. But really we can change our mind? And above all, how?

We mean, of course, that a healthy life is a life where our potential is put to use: keep a healthy brain, in a sense, to make fitness of the brain, preferably in activities involving other people. To work also on society, in the company of people who look like us and be good whether with ourselves or with others.