8 Tips for Eco-Friendly Home

Have an ecological house and sustainable and improves the quality of our lives and markedly decreases our impact on the environment. 63% of people want a and 57% have planned or are thinking about renovations.

Do sustainable architecture means knowing how to build and manage a building that can meet the demands of our customers and, at the same time, is able to harmoniously fit into the context without causing damage to the environment.

Design an eco-friendly house is the dream of many, and, from the end of 2017, markedly increased the demands of architects and professionals specialized in green building to set up feasibility studies in Italy.

All of this is fantastic, something our country is moving in the right direction, but it is not always possible to implement such radical and expensive. What, instead, is within the reach of all of the small tricks to make our home more eco-friendly.

Check the heating system

Because your heating is as efficient from an energy point of view, it is necessary to perform periodic controls of the system and replace them every ten years. If you are considering making renovations accounted for the in-floor heating.

Efficient appliances

The appliances are classified with the use of letters, on a scale from a To G. starting from 2010, they have introduced the abbreviations A+, A++ and A+++ to indicate the products more energy-saving. These are products with higher costs, but their efficiency is very high and they allow to have a direct saving in electricity bill.

fridge, A+++ will consume on average 50% less than one in class A+. For an adequate use of your appliances be careful to always use them at full load, and avoid leaving them in stand-by.

Changed the old bulbs

Replace your old light bulbs and prefer the ones with Led technology. Their average life is 5 years and a half, and you can save up to 50% on the bill. In the face of a higher initial cost (the average cost is 22 euro), their yield will be good: suffice it to say that light up a room for 5 and a half years will cost 122 euros with a Led bulb and 254 euros with other bulbs.

Decorated in keeping with the nature

Refer to the manufacturers of your area, and choose eco-friendly furniture and devoid of any chemical additives: no glues, plastics and toxic paints. Choose wood, cardboard, and give new life to furniture that you already possess. Was put on the market a material brand new: the eco-marble. You know? Whatever your choice, first check all the certifications of the materials.

The importance of the curtains

The curtains are essential to maintain the proper regulation of the temperature in the house. In the summer, it would be necessary to have heavy curtains and blinds that leave the heat outside and keep the house cool. In this way the house will be fresh without the use of the air conditioner. Pass the warmest hours of the day open the curtains and let the sunlight, avoiding the excessive use of artificial light.

Shower eco-friendly

You surely know that the shower is much more eco-friendly than the bathroom: very good. Know, also, that the use of the shower head super powerful vanificherà all your savings. Montatene a ventilated and low-flow water, and remember that 10 minutes are more than enough!

Replace the detergents

Preferred detergents organic to that used currently. Yes, they are indeed expensive, but you can easily make them at home. Their use significantly improves the life because it reduces the environmental impact of household appliances and our direct contact with the residues of the detergents.

Take a good supply of white vinegar: it’s cheap and perfect for cleaning practically everything. It can be used as anti limescale on the taps, as softener in the washing machine, rinse aid in the dishwasher and is particularly suitable for the cleaning of glass surfaces.

Check the thermostat

The control of the temperature of the water is a step that very few do. Remember that reduce by even one degree the temperature will allow you to save 73 euro per year.

For an ecological and sustainable house is just a little

L’attention to the environment is a problem clear to many, but unfortunately few are those that focus really on the small things that we can do all the days.

Many times we will have to think “when I get the chance I will make for really an eco-friendly house“; as you have seen, it is not necessary to think in these terms, and absolutely useless delay; start now.

Exactly from your life today.