The small, daily choices that make all the difference

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Tips to build a healthier life day after day.

It is amazing to think how many precious opportunities we have in front of you every day to improve the health and how we let them escape without even realizing it!
This happens first of all because we do not realize how changes in seemingly tiny can make a difference both for the physical, mental, as well as for a good weight management.

In addition to the unawareness, we often have be sucked in by routine and the daily grind that we lose sight of some of the priorities such as taking care of ourselves in the time that is often put aside thinking that the rest is more important, then, to remember when it is too late (for example when we are sick).

The stress and live more and travel between a thousand commitments and thoughts sometimes also makes things more difficult and complicated to make than they actually are! And then the vicious cycle is self-perpetuating, making it even more difficult to put into practice a sustainable life style and beneficial.

But we do not get lost in a glass of water! It is time perhaps to stop this vicious circle, and start with a more virtuous, with a few simple steps, which we will see today and in the coming articles.

About the moves!

When I go to the mall I am always so amazed to see people of all ages, healthy, and without heavy bags or impediments, stay still on the scale or on the tape mobile, both up and down, waiting idly for the arrival at the destination.

Escalators, elevators, television, video games and the lack of space available outside the house for the game (e.g. courtyards), have exponentially increased the sedentary lifestyle of adults and children and which in turn is a contributing cause of overweight and related diseases.

Just think for a moment how many hours you sit on a chair every day: this inactivity together with poor posture produces physical discomfort and inflammation, lowers the tone of the mood and creates a lot of problems in time.

Even just doing a few more steps to the day, it is going to increase exponentially the total movement during the week, and every month, and the effort is very modest. All of that is to keep it in mind and take advantage of opportunities that happen in front of you during the day. As we said, the mall or at home, why choose the escalator or the elevator? Maybe just due to laziness! Take the opportunity to go down and climb stairs with your legs, it costs really so much?

Did you know that accompany the movement of the legs with the arms makes walking more quickly, and allows you to involve more muscle groups, than to stay for example with your hands in your pocket? When there are cell phones and smartphones the alternating movement of the arms while walking down the street is almost gone… try not to use the phone to go from one place to another and restored the natural walking!

You can find opportunities to go on foot instead of by car, for example, by shopping at the store not far away, tirandovi behind the cute trolley-grandmother, or choosing a restaurant where you can go with friends in an area where you can enjoy a pleasant stroll after dinner. Do you have a dog? Well, do not let him always be only a ride of a minute along the sidewalk under the house, but take it to fast pitch up to the park. Maybe with your kids!

In this regard also involve their children is a way to maintain an active lifestyle.

Instead of just play video games or watch cartoons in your free time with your child, play fight, hide-and-seek or inseguirvi; pull out of the closet that old game with the scoreboard-rug with the colors that challenge you to maintain balance with legs and arms intertwined. Do the housework together, and put the music that you like at high volume: you will move (and have fun)!

Your exercise bike became a clothes hanger? Dissotterratela from the clothes, and start to use it while you relax watching the news or the soap opera on TV.

Often wears heels? This will limit your movements. Choose most often to wear comfortable clothes and you’ll be more likely to be active.

All is realizing that health is really in their own hands, and that costs neither money nor effort: small daily choices really do make the difference.

To the next!